Life is full of surprises and you are now learning that planning is more critical than ever.  Responsibilities and financial commitments are at an all time high and your family depends on you.

We help Families answers questions such as:

  • How do we balance our current financial needs with future needs such as college planning and retirement planning?
  • What is an appropriate amount of emergency funds for our stage in life? Where should I place my emergency funds?
  • How do we protect our standard of living in case of premature death or disability?
  • How much life insurance do we need to protect our financial goals?
  • I am divorced.  What financial plans should I make for myself?
  • Should we have a Will, Power of Attorney, and Medical Directives?
  • Am I taking advantage of employer benefits?
  • How much risk should I be taking with my investments?

We will guide every step of the way to give you the knowledge, confidence and wisdom you need to make sound financial decisions.  Contact Charleston Wealth Advisors to setup a One-on-One meeting to get started on your financial road map.