Life is good.   You worked hard and now enjoying the fruits of your labor.   Our goal is to ensure that your retirement years go as planned.  As you well know, life is still full of surprises and you need to be ready.

We help retirees answer questions such as:

  • At our current spending rate, will we run out of money?
  • What financial considerations do we need to keep in mind?  Are we still in good financial shape to keep our current standard of living?
  • Should we consider long-term care insurance?  What are the benefits and drawbacks?
  • How do we slowly transfer our wealth to our children, grandchildren and loved ones?  Any tax benefits?
  • We want to relocate to be closer to family?  What steps do we need to take?
  • What are my Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) in regards to IRA’s?  Best strategy to limit tax consequences?

We will guide every step of the way to give you the knowledge, confidence and wisdom you need to make sound financial decisions.

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