Your Life.
Our Guidance.

Smart Advice Specific to Your Needs

We approach finances strategically. Every asset and dollar needs to have a purpose and working towards your goals.

We believe in establishing close relationships with our clients and their families and building a firm that will serve them for many years.

Manuel A Martinez, CFP® Charleston Wealth Advisors

How we help.

We serve individuals, families, and business owners interested in building long-term relationships based on mutual honesty, respect, and trust.

  • Active Families
    We’ll help you commit more time to your family by providing financial oversight and planning.
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  • Young Professionals
    The decisions you make today will allow you to build the life you want tomorrow.
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  • Pre-Retirees
    We can often help our clients build a strong foundation for their retirement years.
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  • Retirees
    We help our clients take a conservative approach to their investments to generate income and protect their wealth from inflation.
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  • Inheritors
    We help clients who are about to receive an inheritance understand how best to deal with the money and assets.
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