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New 401(k) Plan Disclosure Rules

As 401(k) plans have become more popular, plan participants have become increasingly responsible for making their own retirement savings decisions. The Department of Labor (DOL) has become concerned that participants in self-directed 401(k) plans (those that allow participants to direct the investment of their own  …read more »

The U.S. Debt Limit: Questions and Answers

As August 2 approaches, you’ll likely hear increasingly urgent debate over the nation’s debt ceiling. That’s the approximate date by which the Treasury estimates it will no longer be able to borrow under the current $14.3 trillion limit. Treasury officials have warned that if the  …read more »

Estate Tax Exemption is Portable (For Now)

Recent legislation introduced a new, but perhaps temporary, estate planning concept–exemption “portability.” In short, the estate of a deceased spouse can transfer to the surviving spouse any portion of the federal estate tax exemption that it does not use. The surviving spouse’s estate can then  …read more »