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Disability Insurance

The threat of a major disability poses one of the greatest risks to your income. A serious illness or injury can put you out of work for a prolonged period or even permanently. If you had to stop working, how would you meet your expenses?

If you had to stop working, how would you meet your expenses?

Disability insurance policies pay you a benefit that replaces part of your earned income (usually 50 to 70 percent) when you can’t work. You may be able to obtain short-term or long-term disability coverage, or both. In general, disability insurance can be split into three types: private insurance (individual policies bought from an insurance company), group policies typically provided through your employer, and government insurance (social insurance provided through state or local governments).

Are you willing to give up a small percent of your income to protect 50-70% of your total income and prevent a major financial catastrophe?

We do not offer disability insurance policies.  We review current polices and make new recommendations strictly on your needs.

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