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Investment Management

Charleston Financial Planners Managing Your Investments

As with all of our planning, investments strategies are developed with your goals in mind. Investment selection and portfolio construction are particular strengths of Charleston Wealth Advisors, but before any investments are made, we work with you to define your tolerance for risk, time horizon, income requirements, and other unique needs. This information will be documented in a written Investment Policy Statement and used in the management of your portfolio.

Asset Management Services

At the core, we seek to provide efficient market returns through passive portfolios. This approach dramatically reduces expenses and increases tax efficiency for our clients. Passive investment management, which could include ETFs and no-load mutual funds, reduces exposure to the day-to-day volatility of the markets by investing in a broad range of asset classes for the long-term.

The core portfolio is then complemented with client specific solutions intended to provide smoother returns.

Remember, investing is just one component of your overall financial plan. Get a clear picture of where you are and get in touch with our Charleston Financial Advisors today!

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