Financial Insights

Who Needs Financial Planning

Everyone. Allow me to explain. Everyone has various financial and personal goals they would like to achieve. Whether you have a written plan (or simply a vision in your mind), it does not change the fact you have unique goals and dreams.

If you are like most, you have some bewildering array of investments products, retirement accounts, insurance coverage, and random financial arrangements. However, this piecemeal fashion without overall coordination and planning is not financial planning.

Financial planning coordinates all short term and long term financial objectives into a written plan with actionable items. Sounds complex but we break it down to make sure you achieve your goals.

This is your future. The time, money and effort spend NOW will dictate your TOMORROW.

Contact us today to help you with your financial planning questions.  Manuel A. Martinez is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ focused on helping families and small businesses.  We are conveniently located in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. We provide hourly financial planning services and asset management services.

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